My name is Paul, I grew-up in St Austell (attending Poltair school). My family is from Portscatho. I moved to London when I was 17 working in the music industry and returned to Cornwall in 2001. Recently I have been making music videos, documentaries, alongside wedding videos.

I have been making films all my life really, from a very young age I already had the passion for moving images; first with 8mm cine films, hiring the first camcorders in the 1980's and filming since 1990 almost daily on mini DV (in over 15 countries), and now HDV.

Recently with the HD revolution, I have invested in one of the finest cameras currently on the market, the SONY Z5 (used by many TV stations), as well as new editing software and a new powerful computer which can handle the large files generated by film. This allows me to offer you a quality "wedding filming" service. I have a range of effects and enhancements at my fingertips (including HD slow motion, sepia, colour change & many special effects etc...) although I tend to use as much natural footage as possible to capture your day exactly as it happens.

It is so important to preserve the memories of the happiest day of your life and I am grateful to be entrusted for such an important job.